Shades of Earth Core Rules 

Shades of Earth Core Rules comes with the 1938 setting in which the world is building to the cataclysmic clash of titans.  The Axis agents move about attempting to gather power.  A secret agenda of these powers is to gather as much spiritual power as possible in an effort to overthrow the Lord of Evil himself, Satan.  The forces which oppose the Axis are many but scattered.  The chief of these is Department 12, a secret organization devoted to protecting humanity from the ravages of evil.

These core rules and setting will guide you through the intricate world of 1938 with magic.  The Nazis are there, the United States are there, but magic is the unseen force that keeps these powers moving forward.  Eventually, their desire for world dominance will give issue on the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific.

Included in the Core Rules

ISBN 0-9740096-2-8
Price $30
Pages 240
Format Soft cover, Perfect bound

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