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Tales of Gaea

Tales of Gaea is a Fantasy Role Playing Game with extensive free online support.

324 page, Soft Cover, B&W interior



Tales of Gaea

Another Man's Treasure

This is a guide to Shadazar including additions to rules like new classes, skills friends and foes. This is the first supplement for Tales of Gaea.

64 pages, Soft Cover, B&W interior




Shades Of Earth

Shades of Earth is an Alternate History Role-Playing Game that can be customized to any time period. This book is the only book you need and the setting included with it is based in the 1930s. Shades of Earth uses the Iridium System from HinterWelt Enterprises.

240 pages, Soft Cover, B&W interior



House of Vega

House of Vega is the first supplement for Shades of Earth Alternate History RPG. Set in the Spanish Civil War, House of Vega contains a complete adventure, skills, spells, classes, and new equipment. The year is 1937 and Don de la Vega needs the help of people outside his own organization and has called in favors to help out.

64 pages, soft cover, B&W interior



Nebuleon SFRPG

Nebuleon is our Science Fiction core rules for the Iridium System. The setting material, which is included, details on eleven races, several sub species, over forty pages of equipment, governments, megacorps, nine worlds, A.I. construction rules, Psi rules and much more. This does not bind you to a meta plot, though, but allows a high level of customization.

240 pages, hard cover, B&W interior



Back In The Corps Again

Learn more about the Merchant Armed Services in the universe of Nebuleon SFRPG. This book contains detailed information about the Andromedaens, the armed forces that serve them, plus new equipment, classes, templates, beasts, and a complete adventure. This book has something for players and GMs.

80 pages, soft cover, B&W interior





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