The following is some of the art that is included in the Shades of Earth Core Rules. All pieces displayed here are either the copyrighted material of the artist or HinterWelt. By displaying this art on this site no permission is granted to reproduce in any medium, implied or direct. If you are interested in hiring any of these artist, please either contact them directly via their web sites or cont Bill Corrie at and he will be happy to help out.

Thank you to all the artists who have (or will) done a great job illustrating Shades of Earth.





Chris Martinez Soldier Cover
Chris Martinez Ghost
Chris Martinez Gestapo Officer Skeleton
Calvin Camp Gremlin
Calvin Camp Beware the Basilisk
Mark Brooks Pen and Paper Nazi Zombie
Mark Brooks Pen and Paper Gestapo
Mark Brooks Pen and Paper Indian Guru
Mark Brooks Pen and Paper Babar Council
Mark Brooks Pen and Paper Act of Passion
Ken McCracken Dragon Clan
Sarah Skinner Lesser Gestapo Skeleton
Sarah Skinner Hitler and the Devil
Robert Cram Enworld Porfolio Mummy from the Crypt
Robert Cram Enworld Porfolio Gestapo and their Prey
Leo Winstead Department 12
Leo Winstead African Shaman
Leo Winstead When Yeti Attack
Grey Thornberry WereWolf
Grey Thornberry Ghosts
Jeremy McHugh China Dive
Jeremy McHugh Vampiric Resistance
Jeremy McHugh Agents
Jeremy McHugh LagerungKugel