Roma Imperious

What if magic were real? During the third century Constantine had a dream of his soldiers with a Celtic symbol on their shields instead of the chi-rho. A druid came forward before the battle and the showed him a way to triumph over Maxentius with the help of the druids of the north. Constantine embraces magic and goes on not only to defeat all opposition, but to pacify much of the Empire's people beyond the Italian Peninsula. Schools are founded to teach and explore magic. Internal cults, like the Mithras, plot to gain control of the Senate and the Emperor in order to make their bid for power  and dominate the Empire. Rebel celts and germans move against the settlements in the north while persians do liewise in the east. All manner of Horrors, a new monster like nothing seen yet, threatens from Scandinavia and from the depths of Africa. In Africa, slave colonies mine resources of all types while legions posted there fight the native tribes. In the northern prefecture of Scythia Majora the fortes, fortified colonies of legionary veterans, attempt to hold the line against the dark Wizard's Kingdom of Alkasas and their hordes of inhuman warriors, the Terragena. 

It is a time of trouble for the Empire and yet the old provinces know peace like none have known yet in the world. The trouble is often at the frontier, far from the Meditarraneum Mare, far from their homes. Daily life in the heart of the Empire is far from sleepy though, riddled with intrigue and political maneuvering. Merchant fortunes are built and destroyed in the cafes of Roma and Athens. Deals are struck with spirits as Artificers work their craft. Priests plot, schemers scheme and all the time people quest for their fortune and fame. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has not been idle.

China, during the Han dynasty, discovers the means of creating potions having magical effects. Their efforts on magic are focused on potions and herbology. A Han emperor rises to power after he discovers a secret elixir of immortality. He becomes known as the Jade Emperor and China and much of south-east Asia consolidated under the name of the Jade Empire.  Ever expanding, but doing so slowly, the Jade Empire spreads north and east, conquering barbarians and securing its borders. The greatest threat to it comes from inside and not any array of barbarian people outside. The introduction of new ideas threatens the hold of the Emperors chosen faith of Taoism. Rebel Chen Buddhist monks stir up trouble amongst the people while a death cult grows in the shadows of the south. All the time the Romans encroach from the west.

Roma Imperious is rich with details of a world struggling to pull itself above the basic human survival into a forged society. In times such as these heroes rise to meet challenges in hopes of making their fortune or saving their people. Villains rise, often in the guise of the hero, and the battle becomes recognizing them for what they are. Magic is alive in this world and with it has come troubles new and different from those encountered previously as well as benefits that have catapulted civilizations far ahead of others.

SKU HWE 2500
ISBN 0-9740096-6-0
Price $39.99
Pages 320
Format Hard cover, Perfect bound
System Iridium System
Type Core Rules, Everything in one book
Release July 2004


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