Submission Guidlines

We are committed to producing quality RPG games using our own Iridium System. HinterWelt current strategy is to apply the Iridium System to three genres. The first is Fantasy covered by our Fantasy RPG Tales of Gaea. The second is Alternate History covered by Shades of Earth. Shades of Earth is currently set in the 1930s but should be thought of as alternate history more than Pulp. Future releases in this line will include an Alternate Roman Empire that uses magic. Artists or Writers should be familiar with the period of history being targeted by the project. Finally, our science fiction setting Nebuleon embraces a gritty science fiction setting like that of the old masters of sci-fi. 

Any freelancer who works with us should at least visit our sites and have some knowledge of our products.


We expect to work with artists to help them understand what we need to portray but we expect to be guided by them as well. We do not do art and artists do not write our games (but we are open to suggestions).We hope to team with our artists and have them tell us "That is a good idea" or "Wait, I have a better idea for that scene". 

We are looking to build long term relationships with our artists. This works both to your advantage and ours. You gain regular work from us while we gain an artist familiar with our products. The following are what we need to evaluate if you will fit in with HinterWelt. 

  • Portfolio - We would prefer an online sample of your art. We can accept email submissions but prefer a web hosted portfolio. We can not accept hard copy submissions.
  • Name - we need to know what to call you.
  • What product you might be interested in. If it is just a general submission then let us know that.
  • Submissions should be sent to Bill Corrie.

We function under standard rates meaning if we do not think your work is up to our rates we will not offer you work. We will not lower the rates (or raise them) based on the quality of your work. This does not mean that if we do not offer you something that we think your art is not good. It most likely will mean that we do not have any available work at the moment. We enter your name in our artists database (an actual searchable database) that we keep for all time with notes on projects that we might be able to use you on.

Our Rates

Covers are negotiated on a one-by-one basis and all rights are retained by HinterWelt.




Rights Retained by HinterWelt

page B&W illustration

1/4 page  black and white illustration with no background. Roughly 4" by 6".

$15 U.S.D.

Shared rights

page B&W

1/4 page  black and white piece with low levels of detail. Roughly 4" by 6".

$20 U.S.D.

Shared rights

page B&W

1/2 page black and white piece with moderate detail. Roughly 8" by 6".

$40 U.S.D.

Shared rights

Full page B&W

Full page black and white piece with high levels of detail. Roughly 8" by 11".

$80 U.S.D.

Shared rights. Certain pieces may be negotiated for additional rights.

Example of our interior contract (PDF 219 K)

Art Spec

Our Art Specifications are how we communicate our plans to an artist. They are not carved in stone and may change specially if an artist has a suggestion. Here (PDF 350K) is an example of an Art Spec for Another Man's Treasure. This is the level of guidance we like to provide initially followed up with emails providing more detail as we go along.


We currently do not use freelance writers but we are looking into doing so on some of our upcoming products. Read the Artists guidelines as that covers the way we would most likely work with you.

  • Our rates would be 1-3 cents a word.
  • To be considered we would need a writing sample of either fiction or technical origin.
  • Do not send attachments. A link to your website is preferred. 
  • What product of ours you would be interested in or if it is just a general submission.
  • Submissions should be sent to our Chief Editor, Linda Corrie.
  • All material submitted for review will be destroyed after evaluation.