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Sell Sheet For Tales of Gaea (166 K PDF) Sell Sheet for Shades of Earth (40 K PDF)
Sell Sheet for Nebuleon (144 K PDF) Sell Sheet for Another Man's Treasure (72 K PDF)
House of Vega Sell Sheet (66 K PDF) Back In The Corps Again (49 K PDF)

Full Catalog with all Sell Sheets (315 K PDF)

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Co-Op Advertisement for Stores

We will display your store name and location in our ads in NATIONAL advertising like Knights of the Dinner Table. Look over our co-op advertisement program and let us know if it is right for you. If you carry our lines of fine role-playing games then we want to help you in selling those games.

Personalized Poster

Want something that will catch peoples eyes? We will make you a personalized 13"x19" poster for display in your store. These posters will look like this.


Free Swag

We will send you a present with your first purchase of one of our product lines.  That's right, just for purchasing our fine products we will send you a present to show our appreciation.

Banner Exchange Program

Do you have a site?  Want to direct more traffic to your site?  Well we want the same things.  Help us out by putting one of the banners below on your site and we will put a link to your site in our link page.  It is that easy.  Don't have a banner of your own ?  We would be glad to help out.  Email Bill at bilbo@hinterwelt .com with any questions.

Direct Support

Email Linda at to find out more about our distributors or to request our Demo Kits.


Distribution for HinterWelt Enterprises is handled through Key 20. Their website is . The following are a list of distributors that carry our product lines.