Release Schedule

The HinterWelt Release Schedule for 2008 is as follows.

Supers Inc.

In the year 2033, a different world exists. A break through in genetic engineering has allowed the modification of the human genome. Originally meant as a means of treating congenitive defects and diseases, the Genesis Treatment unleashed inner psychic powers. The power of the mind was unleashed and now it dominates the world. The media was quick to pick up and use the term "Supers" and refer to the Daedalus Corporation, holders of the patents, as Supers Inc.

Now your role in the world, as enhanced "meta-humans" is what your Sponsor dictates. Kites roam the shady underbelly of the corporate world staging events for Shills who come to the rescue with all the news services watching. Government spies slowly tear the information out of each other using their powers to get the information their government needs. Military operatives perform missions that eliminate rival governments while keeping theirs safe. Over all of this are the ones the others fear the most, rogue metahumans who have either gone mad under the Treatment or fled their Sponsor seeking freedom from their indentured servitude. Join up or die from what ails you.

MSRP: $14.99; e-title: $7.50

Now Available!!

Roma Imperious True20

The fans requested it and we listened. The world of Roma Imperious comes to True20 with all the swords and sandals fantasy you can shake a denarii at. Jump in and experience a world of magic, the Empire, its enemies and allies. Play a Breton down on his luck in Londinium or a wealthy mercator in the heart of Persia. Magical creatures roam the lands and the Empire has just finished a 100 years of struggle with its own Magi. Will you take up the call of the Empire! 

Roma Imperious True20 requires the Ture20 core rules.

MSRP: $29.99; e-title : $10.99


Chevalier is set in the year 800 A.D. when Charlemagne rules the Holy Roman Empire by the will of the Pope Leo III. This world is one of history mixed with myth, one where magic tangles with cold steel. Charlemagne and his Paladins fight to hold the Saracens at bay in the south while the Vikings raid from the north. In to this come you and your friends. People of high birth and commoners alike, fighting to save their part of the world from both natural and super natural threats.

Chevalier is powered by the Iridium Lite engine and is a self contained all-in-one book. This book contains maps, setting information, monster generation and examples, treasure and much more!

MSRP: $14.99 USD; e-title: $7.50

Due out quarter 3 2008.

The Pie Incident

The Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty has been cursed by the Squirrelkin, befriended by the Dark Rat Horde and the evil goddess Anmeow has turned her kitties into Catsassins but hear not! The Squirrelkin A-Team is back to rescue the Princess Cashewe’s Wedding Pie from her evil clutches...and maybe break the curse if she behaves. Join Sir Grais and the others as they take on this Grandma gone bad in the thrilling (and humorous) sequel to Squirrel Attack!

MSRP: $7.99 USD; e-title: $2.50

A supplement for Squirrel Attack!

Requires Squirrel Attack! core rules. 

Available Now!

Shaolin Squirrels

Bruce LeRoi makes his return to the orient as his brothers call for help. Their tree temple is in need of new stairs and he must go under cover to the evil Han-Mans martial arts tournament to win the prize money and expose his evil plot. Be assured that your favorite kung-fu movies will be ill-served here.

MSRP: $7.99 USD; e-title: $2.50

A supplement for Squirrel Attack!

Requires Squirrel Attack! core rules. 

Now Available!

Squirrels Ahoy!

Sir Grais and his brave mates have travelled back to the days of pirates to save Princess Cashewe from their scurvy hands. The come aboard the Valiant, an English privateer, to find they have rats aboard!

MSRP: $7.99 USD; e-title: $2.50

A supplement for Squirrel Attack!

Requires Squirrel Attack! core rules. 

Now Available!

Tern System Planetary Guide

The Nebuleos is vast and Tern is just one system but it holds some of the most polarized groups of the Grou-Lynn Empire. The Gren of Kespos are ultra-conservatives who actively seek to turn back the clock on the social advancements the Gren society have accomplished. On Galatia, the Imperial commander attempts to keep the Gren of Kespos friendly to the Empire while fending off cartels from the outer planets. All of this creates a  system rife with plots and subterfuge.

The Tern System is part of the Planetary Guide series for Nebuleon SFRPG and are meant for use with the Iridium System. The setting information may be used in other settings. 

MSRP: $16.99 USD; e-title: $7.50

Due out in quarter 4 2008. 


A land that is a strange mix of frontier and heavily romanized lands, Britannia is a land of opportunity. Romans and natives alike see the potential here to carve out a piece of the Empire for themselves. Nothing worth having is easy though, the land has its own guardians. The Sidhe fight both mortal enemies and each other. Pirates and raiders circle the shores looking for their opportunity to strike. Be part of the Roman defenders or a member of the raiders. 

Britannia is a source book for Roma Imperious covering the dioecsis of Britannia and the Island of Hibernia. It includes  new classes, spells, druids, the Sidhe, Romano-Brit setting characters as well as natives. Maps of Hibernia, Caledonia, Britannia proper and cities in those areas.

MSRP: $20.99 USD; e-title: $10.00


Currently Released Titles




Turris Lemurum

A haunted tower in the African province of Gaetuli threatens the Aurelius family. Their son has been abducted and you are needed to rescue the boy. What danger lurks in the Tower of Ghosts? Only your bravery and courage will allow you to discover the secrets of the Turris Lemurum.

This supplement contains new skills, spells, foes and setting characters as well as a full adventure with over seven full color maps. 

$14.99; e-title: $7.50

Austrian Holiday

The Nazis have been busy. Their hunters have returned from the Amazon with a creature unlike any found elsewhere on earth. The Beast has regenerative powers beyond anything the Gestapo has yet cataloged. An innocent cry for help will lead you and your party into harms way to help a woman, an old man and possibly humanity.

The year is 1938 and the Nazis are looking for an advantage on the field. This supplement adds classes, skills, spells and foes to the Shades of Earth setting.


MSRP: $15 USD; e-title: $7.50

Circuses & Carnivals

The first in the Atlas of Gaea series, Circuses and Carnivals tells of these festivals as they appear in the Banquerian Empire. 

This supplement includes new classes, skills, magic items for use with circuses, adventure and character seeds, setting information, foes and setting characters. This supplement is for use with Tales of Gaea or any fantasy setting.

MSRP: $16.99 USD; e-title: $5.00

Squirrel Attack!

The Squirrels of Nuttopia have a blight on the nuts and they need more. The kingdom of Nuttopia is in peril and only the brave squirrels of the tribes can save it! Led by Sir Grais deNuwtt, you and your companions must brave rabid dogs, Mr. Jones and his ever present Jones Junior to get his nuts. That's right, this is Operation: Get Mr. Jones' Nuts and you have been drafted!

Squirrel Attack! contains six pre-genned squirrels including Lenny the Squirrelferatu, Bruce LeRoi the ChipMonk, and more. Also inside, you will find color maps, interiors, a full adventure made to be run in one night, the complete Iridium Lite system, spells, skills and rules for advancing your squirrels. The best is a rich and humorous setting that will have you laughing for hours.

MSRP: $12.99 USD; e-title: $6.50
Tales of Gaea Tales of Gaea is a skills and level based fantasy role-playing game system. It is a 304 page soft cover core rules.  This core rules will be an entire game with nothing else required to play or run. $30 U.S.D.
Chargen - TOG Chargen is a leap forward in game support software for the web.  Utilizing the best in document management technology a player will be able to store, access and update characters from any internet enabled computer.  All this is provided free as a service to players of the Tales  of Gaea system. FREE!
Another Man's  Treasure The sewers never smelled so sweet.  Journey into the underbelly of Narheim's largest human city Shadazar as part of its elite Rat Catcher's Guild.   Don't be fooled by the smell, the most dangerous creatures walk on two legs! This is a scenario for Tales of Gaea 64 pages long. $15 U.S.D.
Shades of Earth S.E. is an Alternate Historical Roleplaying Game.  This core rules will be all you need to play in a number of setting throughout earth history.  The core rules include a 1938 setting where a power crazed Nazi party struggles to gain control of as much supernatural power as possible.  Arrayed against them are secret societies and spell caster loving freedom.  These core rules are projected to be 240 pages. $30 U.S.D.
House of Vega The House of Vega has stood for ages as a scion of strength and power.  Now someone has violated the sanctity of those walls and Don Vega wants you to retrieve the item stolen from his family.  The year is 1938 and the Gestapo is involved but how much and on which side is for the players to discover. This scenario is for use with the Shades of Earth Core rules and is 64 pages. $15 U.S.D.
Chargen - SOE This is the addition of the Shades of Earth Support for the CHARGen online character generator and storage. FREE!
Nebuleon The first Sci-Fi system offered from HinterWelt Enterprises complete and ready to be played. This rules engine is simple to follow and easy to role play in.  The galaxy of Nebuleon is filled with millions of races some friends and many foes.  Play characters from the Free Traders Guild to the Andromedaen Marines.  A setting built on free web expansions and including ten races included with the core rules.  These core rules will be 240 pages soft cover. $35 U.S.D.
Back in the Corp Again This is the first supplement for the Nebuleon SFRPG. It will outline the role of the Andromedaen Marine Corp as is serves the Conglom. This scenario will have everything a GM needs to build adventures for players in the rich universe of Nebuleon. In addition, it will have new classes, skills and equipment for the players. $17.95 U.S.D.
Roma Imperious Roma Imperious will be a supplement for Shades of Earth. It is set in 900 A.D. where the Western Roman Empire never fell. When Constantine faced his battle at the Maxentius Bridge, instead of Christianity he embraced Celtic druidic magic...and it worked. A series of magic schools sprang up and the Empire began to embrace a wider philosophy of tolerence and inclusion. By 900 A.D. Roman warriors are fighting a Jade Empire in the East ruled by an immortal emperor, Vikings still fight in the north and Roman soldiers battle in the south of Africa.

Roma Imperious is a stand alone set of Core rules that are set within the Shades of Earth product line. This is the only book you need to run Roma Imperious.

$39.99 U.S.D.
Chargen - RI This is the addition of the Roma Imperious Support for the CHARGen online character generator and storage. FREE!
Chargen - Neb This is the addition of the Nebuleon SFRPG Support for the CHARGen online character generator and storage. FREE!