March 15, 2010

Who’s Yer Con

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I went to Indianapolis and it was a pretty good time. Mostly, I went to see Mike Noorman from the MU Skulls who has done a great job Demoing Shades of Earth. He ran an adventure called Thor’s Hammer. We were a group of Department 12 operative recruited by from the British military and some Americans. We were parachuted into Germany where we were set to meet Annette and Anna, spies already in place. They were to help us find Thor’s hammer and keep it from the Germans who hoped to harness it for a weapon in the upcoming war. Hijincks ensue and I end up stabbing an SS soldier int eh face and draining him of all his spirit points while the rest of the team take care of finding the magic belt, gauntlet and book that will allow us to open a gate in the ancient Oak that is the source of all this trouble. It is hoped that the Hammer is hidden inside the Oak but it turn out to be a gate to another world where there is a blue oak with blue pseudo-humans guarding it. We also find some German soldier who went in before us and we enter the fry with me throwing grenades with abandon and the others reading the book to get the hammer. In the end, the thing nearly kills the engineer but we drive off the bad guys and leave the strange land.

All in all, a good demo and a fun time. The criticisms I have, upon reflection, are ones Mike has mentioned himself. This was a combination of two adventures. I think it suffered a bit from the compression and his knowledge of the uncompressed version. I think it would have worked best to go through the tree and ended up in the past (part of the adventure had us finding German weapons from 1200 years ago and the tree obviously acted as a portal), tracking a band of rogue Germans (or even a group of German soldier who joined with the local tribe) to recover the hammer. The problem being you would need to compress the leading a bit in order to get it all in a 4 hour slot.

Overall though, it stressed something I have always believed. There are people who run games like I do. That is to say, in an almost system-less manner. He could have run that game with any system and made it work. The fundamentals were there. Mike is a great GM and I am very lucky to have him demoing my games. I cannot tell him how much I appreciate that (although I sure tried).

Here is a picture.
Mike and MU Skulls

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