December 21, 2009

What customers “want”

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I have dealt with this for a long time. It often equates to “Wow! That would be cool!!” It is invariably true and honest. Unfortunately, it also seldom equates into a viable product. This is not a recrimination but it is an observation. I have had some very vocal customers insist that a supers game would be a great thing using Iridium. So, I made Supers Inc and it paid for itself but that is about it. Now, you might say, “Well, you made a sucky game…” and that may be so however, this was the game that these customers helped make, the setting they were interested in, and the one they bought when it was done. The point being, what customers say they want is not always a viable product for a company.

It follows then that the company may pass on it. This is not because they do not “listen to their customers” but more that they do, but they just do not think they can make a go of that product in the genre/system/niche described. I sometimes think folks are not aware of this and it then generates ill will that really does not exist.

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