March 3, 2009

Retro Game Appeal?

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As a game designer, I try to follow what people like in games. Makes sense right? I have been a bit baffled by this trend towards retro games. Now, admittedly, I am not tied into this movement/fandom/whathaveyou but it seems like you would just play the old game, right? I have heard the reasons most commonly given:

1. It is out of print and my copy was destroyed/sold/never had one. So, remaking of these into new versions allows me to repurchase.

2. The new old games are mostly OGL and allow for new supplemental material to come out. Really? One of the things I loved about Fantasy Palladium was the absolute lack of need on my part for any supplements.

I can kind of see the first but the second is just superflory to me. However, the FAR more interesting question to me is “Why”? What is the appeal? Is it a simpler system? Is it nostalgia? The former I can duplicate, while the latter you can only attempt to capture or simulate;i.e. make a game so like it that the fan of it buys it and gets the same feel for the game.

In the end, I have not seen a real good answer beyond 1 or 2 listed above and these are more a question of availability, not why someone buys retro games. So, why do they?

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