September 14, 2009

Small Press at ACD Gameday

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HinterWelt (Me, Linda and Theo) went to the ACD Games Day. This is a trade show for retailers and manufacturers of games to meet under the umbrella of ACD distributing’s house. There is a lot of meeting up and talking and a fair amount of gaming and general merriment but there is a lot of business done too. Specifically, there is one day where an exhibitor’s hall runs where retailers wander around and publishers tell them about their products. It worked out well for us in that we made contacts with a number of retailers who carried our products but did not know about all of them, those that carried some and did not know about the full range and those that just plain did not know about us.

Linda is shown here displeased with our booth. We set up the night before…then rearranged…then switched back…then rearranged again until we called it quits. Then the next afternoon before the hall opened we rearranged some more. In the end, the booth looked like this.
Our Booth

Next to us were two wonderful ladies from Fundex Games and they really took a shine to Theo.
Fundex Games

We met up with some old friends and made some new (Bill Bodden and Matthew McElroy)
Green Ronin

Phil Reed and Steve Jackson were there. It was great to meet Phill in real life. We had worked together and had a lot of good discussion online for years but despite going to a lot of shows had never met. He and Steve both had great ideas/advice about Squirrel Attack! the Dice Game.

The hall had a lot of folks in it but there was a lot of clustering around the big names. Small press was not commonly represented but nonetheless we found it well worth while as the number of retailers we met allows us to find a wealth of information about who is carrying our products and who is interested in carrying our products. As well, they helped out a lot with pricing and packaging for the Dice Game as well as general feedback ont he play of the games (they are gamers after all).

Oddly, we found there was not a lot of RPGing going on in the game rooms. Most of them had board or card games and our own dice game was well represented. I do not know if we will go back next year but it is not for lack of contacts made or even that we do not think the show is worth it. I think we can do better with Gen Con in terms of time to profit ratios. Still, ACD Gamesday is in the running.

Oh, and despite someone having an sick stomach he slept well.

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