February 27, 2009

“All Squirrels Must Be Eaten” A Go!

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I just got the O.k. from George over at Eden. All Squirrels Must Be Eaten is a go! Just what the world needs, a squirrel game involving Zombies…

Now all I need to decide is what the second title for GenCon will be. First thoughts:

Squirrel Wars : Episode XLI: A Nut Hope – A brave band of squirrels face off against all odds to steal Darth Vader’s Nuts. Between them and the nuts, Vaders lap dog, Darth Fido. On the side of good, Han Solo-Cup, Princess Leia Organicnuts, Omagod Gonutti, Luke Landrunner and many more.


Squirrels In Space : The Nut on the Edge of Whenever – The captain and his crew make time travel their bitch. They desparately try to save Ensign Ted Meete for another episode despite being drugged out of his gourd.

There are more but those are the two that leap to mind.

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