February 24, 2009

Miss Factor

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More talk over on our forums got me thinking about the “Miss Factor”. Clash and I talked about this once and he said basically that he shoots for about 50% hit factor or better. I have to agree with this but will say that I vary from this if I can provide something else for players to do. See, I feel if you can provide parrying, dodging, blocking or some way for everyone in the combat to feel involved you can have more misses. If it is just “I roll. You roll. I roll…” into infinity then yeah, that gets old fast and we need to go back to rule 1. However, if you have “I swing my sword! He parries and thrusts. I catch it on my shield!” and those actions involve rolls and tactics, well, now you have a game!


  1. My games use a static defense, and a long combat round, so parrying and blocking of hand-held weapons are assumed. Also, all of my game feature firearms, which are not conducive to being parried or blocked, Wonder Woman excepted… Thus the 50% target is pretty much there, hanging naked in the wind. Parrying and blocking do tend to slow combat down – they kind of have to unless you assume success for the NPCs which the PCs must block or parry, and autodefense on the part of NPCs, which the PCs must penetrate. This mode of combat has a lot to recommend it, and has always interested me, combining as it does the fun of parrying and blocking with speed of resolution.

    I can see your Palladium roots in Iridium, Bill. I’ve always had a huge fondness for TMNT&OS in particular… 😀


    Comment by clash bowley — February 25, 2009 @ 11:36 am

  2. Yeah, I played far too much Palladium as a kid. I recently got Heroes Unlimited though and could not make heads or tales out of it. I find myself moving towards minimalist design as I get old. The System for ZP is kind of different for me. It has been a fun exercise. Combat in there is using a much more variable Defense mixed with a number of possible mods. I am about ready for play test and it will be interesting to see how big a Miss Factor is built in.

    Comment by bilbo — February 25, 2009 @ 2:53 pm

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