March 18, 2010

Nebuleon SE: Planet Gen – The summing up

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So, putting together the comments from previous threads let’s try to sum up.

1. Price index seems to be good as is.

2. Basic Civilization – Add History, reworked some charts.
1 None
2 Hierarchy
3 Republic
4 Despotism
5 Theocracy
6 Parliamentary
7 Totalitarian
8 Plutocracy
9 Kleptocracy
0 Corporatism
11 Timocracy (Property owners rule)
12 Tribalism

1 Basic Trade
2 Market (Capitalism)
3 Planned (Command Economies)
4 Mixed (Part Capitalism, but regulated)

1-2 World Governemnt
3-8 Many (tens of different governing bodies)
9-10 Great Many (hundreds or thousands) of governments

1. Peaceful
2. Peaceful
3. Peaceful
4. Moderate
5. Moderate
6. Moderate
7. Moderate
8. Warlike
9. Warlike
10. Warlike

1. Cultured
2. Expansionist
3. Expansionist
4. Extroverted
5. Extroverted
6. Introverted
7. Introverted
8. Isolationist
9. Isolationist
10. Xenophobic

1. Introspective
2. Pacifist
3. Shallow
4. Changeable
5. Proud
6. Traditional
7. Rigid
8. Impressionable
9. Shallow
10. Neophilic

1. Civil War
2. Plague
3. Famine
4. Technologic Breakthrough (i.e. recent advance in TL)
5. Victim of Invasion
6. Invasion Repulsed
7. Independence from a planetary invader
8. Mounted an invasion
9. Economic Collapse
10. World War
11. Religious War
Note: This has been edited
3. Environment – Not much changed here but I am not pleased with it. Not sure why. Maybe not enough options or some such. I will think on it more.
1 Artificial habitat
2 Asteroid
3 Moon
4 Rocky planet
5 Gas planet

1 Artificial G
2 Light G
3 Moderate G
4 Heavy G
5 Super Heavy G

1 Dry
2 Arid
3 Watered
4 Wet
5 Aqueous

1 Lifeless
2 Scarce
3 Abundant
4 Thriving
5 Riotous

Note: Old table
1 Artificial habitat
2 Asteroid
3 Moon
4 Mercury sized
5 Mars Sized
6 Earth Sized
7 Neptune Sized
8 Jupiter Sized

1 Hazardous, protective gear needed
2 Hazardous, breathing mask needed only
3 Thin Atmosphere, breathable
4 Standard Atmosphere, breathable
5 Thick Atmosphere, breathable
6 Exotic Atmosphere

Note: the following has been edited
4. Tech Level – This the only way I can address tech level in a manner I can stand. So, here is my idea, I am MORE than happy to modify it.

We have several areas that can have independent ratings. The base though, is the following:
Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry, Geology)
Biological Science (Biology, Medicine, Psychiatry)
Social Science (Archaeology, Racial Studies, Social Engineering, Language, Law)
Applied Science (Engineering, Communications, space craft)

The tech level is chosen then modifers for the above areas applied. The mods are:
— Very Low
– Low
+ High
++ Very High
This effectively adds to the TL of the area the mod applies to. So, for instance, you have a TL5 + Applied, – Social, means that the civilization has a general TL of 5, an Applied Science TL of 6 and a Social Science TL of 4. All mods should sum to 0.

Start with a base Tech Level.
0 None
1 primitive
2 basic applied results
3 basic knowledge
4 basic applied knowledge
5 Moderate
6 moderate applied knowledge
7 Moderate theoretical
8 Advanced
9 Advanced theoretical
10 Advanced theoretical and applied

I could see an 11 and 12 where you have Hyper Advanced and Hyper Advanced Theoretical and Applied. The above range is open with an effective bottom of 0. Now, the tags of Theoretical means they understand but cannot do, Applied means they are able to apply the theoretical and no tags means they are limited to observed results (I put this plant on Bob and he died, o.k. that is bad).

Alt TL:
Instead of a range like the above, we say 0 is the Nebuleon norm level. From this, Neb civilizations actively involved with space travel can range from -5 to +5. Below -5 and they just do not possess the understanding to be more than cargo. More the 5 and they are most likely not directly in contact with the rest of the Nebuleos.

The range would be broken up with primitive orbital craft at -5 and advanced FTL at 5. Wormhole travel would be beyond 5. Non-space travel would be below -5.

The same problem for me pops up. What do the gradations mean? What values do we assign. Grrr.

So, thoughts?


  1. What about gravity? My “heavy worlders” love to get on a light-grav world. . .

    Comment by Mike Noorman — March 18, 2010 @ 9:46 am

  2. On History, I’d call it “Recent History”, and #12 could be Ecological Disaster.

    For tech level, I’d give straight numbers and optional tags – High Social, Low Physical, Very High Bio, Very Low Applied – which means the subject (Bio) varies by + or – 1 (High, Low) or + or – 2 (Very High, Very Low) from the numeric baseline. So, the world of Glevine has a TL of 10, High Bio, Low Social – which equates to 10 in Physical and Applied, 11 in Bio, and 9 in Social. You may want to make it a net zero variation, where all the tags must add up to the baseline, as in the example above. You could also abbreviate High/Low with +/- and Very High/Very Low with ++/–. So Glevine – TL 10 +Bio -Soc.


    Comment by clash bowley — March 18, 2010 @ 10:26 am

  3. I would also break out the environmental rating into separate headings in a matrix – *Type*, 1 Artificial habitat, 2 Asteroid, 3 Moon, 4 Rocky planet, Gas planet; *Gravity*, 1 Artificial G , 2 Light G, 3 Moderate G, 4 Heavy G, 5 Super Heavy G; *Water*, 1 Dry, 2 Arid, 3 Watered, 4 Wet, 5 Aqueous; *Life*, 1 Lifeless, 2 Scarce, 3 Abundant, 4 Thriving, 5 Riotous.

    So – Glevine might be 4223 (or Rocky Planet, Light G, Arid, Abundant)


    Comment by clash bowley — March 18, 2010 @ 10:46 am

  4. WOW, thats a lot of work

    I like it all, I really like the fact that History is added and the Stance, Attitude and (very good) Aggression ratings are genius (they really allow a GM to use the culture in play at the drop of a hat, ok, they are a warlike, insular people and you just landed with your free trader to sell them a bag of beans… hmmm:.)

    The Tech level is good, I like it too

    basically, I like it all:.)

    Comment by Alan Hume — March 19, 2010 @ 6:16 am

  5. I think that if you used percentiles on all of the charts you would accomplish two things: 1.) uniformity of system. 2.) better defined range of variables where necessary.

    I’m just saying that if you’re going to go with a percentile based game, go all the way. Make everything percentile based. Otherwise you might as well go back to V1.

    If you use percentiles, you are not dependant on coming up with X amount of options for each category. You could customize every category accordingly with weighted results.

    Comment by scott — March 22, 2010 @ 10:44 am

  6. Scott, I am coming up with the lists first, then I will assign percentile ranges. It is just the way I work in terms of seeing the options then assigning the ranges.

    Comment by bilbo — March 22, 2010 @ 11:38 am

  7. Edited the Tech Levels.

    Comment by bilbo — March 22, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

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