February 25, 2010

NEB SE: Planetary Generation

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First go at the Planet Building system.

Aspects: These are descriptors. So, Physical Aspects are things like landmass, seas, size, environment and the like. They can:
1. have no quantifier
2. Have a quantifier between -10 and 10

For the quantifier we would use it like so. Say, Price Index has a quantifier of 3, then all product prices would be multiplied by 1.3. If it was -3, then they would be multiplied by 0.7.

GMs can make up whatever Aspects they want but some are suggested.

Below is a rough draft of the planetary fact sheet. Click for a bigger version.


  1. I would make the quantifier = the multiplier rather than go through an extra step – i.e. 1.3 or .7 rather than +3 or -3.

    I like it! Definitiely!


    Comment by clash bowley — February 26, 2010 @ 8:18 am

  2. The problem there Clash would be if we want to use it for anything but indicators. So, if we want a modification on economics, it would be easy enough to time by 10 and add or subtract as appropriate.

    I get you point though. Linda has pointed out the same thing and she usually wins out in the end. 😉


    Comment by bilbo — February 28, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

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