February 22, 2010

Satire vs Comedy

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This is a point that has weighed on my mind quite a bit lately. As I write All Squirrels Must Be Eaten, I am constantly evaluating the difference between comedy and satire. They can often be dangerously similar in their appearance. I say dangerously since it can often lead down a path that is neither funny nor particularly a good parody. For instance, today I took Theo to see the Max and Ruby play. It was excellent. It had elements of the familiar mixed with original songs. The plot (if we call it that) was lifted, more or less, from the cartoons and books. No biggy since it worked the same way as satire does. That is, a good satire must have elements of the original but also original elements. To copy a work whole cloth but with funny names will not work and worse, it will make for dry and boring read no matter how hilarious the names are. Original content is key but there must be hooks that draw the reader to nod, reminisce and draw comparisons to the reference work.

I hope I am getting there with ASMBE. I think I am.


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