August 22, 2009

ACD Game Day

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So, we passed on GenCon to go to ACD Open House (the official name but then most folks also call it ACD Game Day). Some things we are finding out in the planning.

  • There is only one day with a 6 hour exhibition hall.
  • There is about three times the amount of gaming time set aside.
  • There is an equal time set aside for Round tables.
  • Other distributors can exhibit.
  • Only retailers are attendees, not the public.

These points make it a good show to attend if you are in the three tier distribution system. Many folks forget that retailers are often gamers. There entire choice is not made on play experience but it can help persuade them. With that in mind, I am putting at least as much effort into game prep as I am the booth presentation.

Why are we doing this? We hope to bring up our presence in the three tier channel and showcase our partnership with ACD. We had a larger presence in the past ad I believe we can have a larger one than even before. The reason here is distribution can offer a lot of quantity for little effort and expense. Sure, I make closer to 85% in direct sales than the 40% I do through distribution but I also sell 20-30 times as much product in a single go and have far less overhead. So, ACD Game Day makes a lot of sense for us.

I will take notes and pictures and share them after the Open House in September. It will be held at ACDs warehouse in Madison.


  1. That sounds intriguing

    I have never heard fo this show before to be honest (but hey, I guess that isnt surprising seeing as I am not a retailer or game producer:.)

    I hope it ups your market presence/share Bill, you deserve to get more recognition and kudos than perhaps you do, I must admit, I was touched by the bit about retailers being gamers (thats a genuine love of the game sort of thing coming out there, not often you get that nowadsys, for most folks in the industry it seems to be just about the money nowadays, or it least it often seems that way to me )

    Comment by Alan Hume — August 24, 2009 @ 2:38 am

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