June 16, 2009

Generating New Revenue Paths

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This is a concern for any small business. In the RPG business it can cost anywhere from $400 to several thousand (small business, with larger publishers you end up int he 100Ks). For instance, we are looking at the squirrel dice game. Why? Because dice games are evergreen if they are successful. They supply a steady stream of cash and can build as time goes on. RPGs tend (not always) to go theo other way and the returns fade as time goes on. The reason is that dice games are viral in that if you play with a guy, you want your own set. Sure, they do not wear out but you always have new people exposed (remember, we are are talking successful game). With RPGs, you often get one GM buying the book and sharing with the whole group. So, Sales show a spike but then bottom out quickly.

Opening new revenue streams are inportant and take a critical eye. I would suggest no one just decide to go into a new market but instead talk to the people already there, the people who will be selling your product and the people who will be buying it. Then, once you have some information begin reseach on the feasibility of the product. How much does packaging cost? Shipping tot he distributor or off your own site? Manufacturing costs? And how the branding will fit into your other lines. There are many factors to consider efore taking the plunge.

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  1. interesting
    I never saw it that way to be honest
    I always kinda figuresd that a n RPG would keep sales up
    with the supplement s etc and that players would all want thier own copy

    Comment by Alan HUme — June 17, 2009 @ 1:17 am

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