May 13, 2009

Squirrel Dice!

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The command has come down from on high…we are to make a squirrel dice game!

So, what we have to work with.

1 dice with 1 face representing each of our Squirrel Games. So, one face would have Squirrels In Space while on another set you might have Freedom Squirrels.

1-4 standard d6


First Idea
You have 5 dice. 1 has a single squirrel die face on it. You roll the dice trying to make as many matches as possible. The winner collects “snacks” from other players. Snacks can be chips, m&ms or nuts or whatever you want as long as they are discrete and everyone starts with the same number. The squirrel dice have special abilities as follows:

Squirrels In Space – You can seduce another squirrel die from another opponent but must give up your SiS die to the player you take the squirrel die from.

Freedom Squirrel – Share the Love! Everybody eats one snack from the person to their right.

Shaolin Squirrels – Your Squirrel-fu is strong! You may take one die from an opponent and add it to your hand for one turn.

Squirrel Attack! – You may trade snack piles with one other player.

HinterWelt Horse – Wild! May represent any standard die roll;i.e. 1-6.

Squirrels Ahoy! – Arrgh! Pirate away someone else’s die roll. You must swap all your dice with all the dice keeping their roll.

You get three rolls. This can include all your dice or any subset. The goal is to get as many of the same number as possible (so 5 6’s would be best). Highest set wins.

Second Idea
Goal: To have the highest poker hand. Essentially poker dice with squirrels.

You roll in secret.

You then discard any dice you do not wish to keep.

Squirrels are wild and have powers as defined above. They may be used either for their power or as a wild die.

You bet the number of snacks you think you desire too.

You any discarded dice again.

This continues until everyone “stands” on their dice.

The highest poker hand wins and takes the pot.

So, brainstorming here. See what we come up with.



  1. Great ideas

    hmm, only idea comes to mind right now is colours, I would
    go with really bright loud coulored dice to draw folks eyes

    (I guess that would help make them stand out in gamestores too, k’ching, K’ching$$$$)

    but I do honestly like bright colours

    Comment by Alan Hume — May 14, 2009 @ 1:17 am

  2. I suspect this will be cost prohibitive, but I’d like to see a set of 5 dice, each one with the “1” replaced with a squirrel. Same game concepts, but now groups of squirrels can also have special abilities, and 5 squirrels would be the best hand possible. I also like the idea of influincing the other guy(s) dice rolls, as opposed to Yahtzee, where you only roll for yourself. No suggestions, unfortunately; I’m the money gal, Bill’s the idea guy.

    Another question for the masses: package in ziplock bags or dice tubes?

    Fortunately colors don’t cost extra, so 5 vibrant dice are no problem

    Comment by Penguin — May 14, 2009 @ 5:50 am

  3. If you can replace the ones with symbols for; Squirrel Attack!, Squirrels In Space, Freedom Squirrel, Shaolin Squirrels, and Squirrels Ahoy!.

    Poker dice rules.

    Give them the above powers. Squirrels are wild.

    Longest ponytail or beard starts.

    Everybody rolls their dice for all to see.

    First player may use the powers of any one Squirrel in their hand.

    Player to first players left then can use any one power in their dice. Continue clockwise until eveyrone has a chance to use a power.

    Everyone, starting with starting player, bets snacks.

    Everyone then hides their dice and rerolls wichever dice they want.

    One more round of betting.

    Everyone reveals their dice. Winner gets the snacks!

    Rank of hands: six of a kind, Squirrrels high; two sets of three; six die straight; five of a kind; full house; five die straight; four of a kind; three of a kind; two pair.

    Player to starters left gets to start the next hand. Continue clockwise. Last person with snacks wins!

    Five sets of dice in a cube. Each set is a different color. Players get their dice back at the start of each hand.

    Comment by scott — May 14, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

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