February 28, 2010

To Percentile or not

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One of the big things worrying me about Iridium Version 2 is that it is all standardized on percentile. So, unlike V1 where you had percentile for skills and d20 for combat/stats you now have percentile for everything. I am torn. I made the split originally as a sort of easy short hand. I saw no need for combat to have the % breakdown, steps in the 5% range were fine. However, I have had enough customers mention that they want a “standardized” system that uses one sort of dice, either d20s or %. For me, it had always been no biggie since conversion was easy enough. Now, some of the more refined pints might run into trouble with conversion back and forth. I really like how the system has been stream lined and is a very nice system with the conversion to % though out.

Still, I have to wonder, am I throwing the baby out with the bath water. Any thoughts?

Here is the V2 rules as they currently stand.

February 25, 2010

NEB SE: Planetary Generation

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First go at the Planet Building system.

Aspects: These are descriptors. So, Physical Aspects are things like landmass, seas, size, environment and the like. They can:
1. have no quantifier
2. Have a quantifier between -10 and 10

For the quantifier we would use it like so. Say, Price Index has a quantifier of 3, then all product prices would be multiplied by 1.3. If it was -3, then they would be multiplied by 0.7.

GMs can make up whatever Aspects they want but some are suggested.

Below is a rough draft of the planetary fact sheet. Click for a bigger version.

Nebuleon SE

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Matt is asking about Nebuleon SE on facebook as well as Alan over on our forums. Here is what I told Matt:

Gee Matt, you don’t ask the easy ones. 😉 Basically, it has taken a back seet to development of the Squirrel Dice Game. To be honest though, I have been struggling with changes I wish to make to the Iridium version. I really like where Iridium V2 has gone and get great feedback from the play testers but it is still a case of whether to update the Nebuleon SE to Iridium V2 or just stick with V1 and the setting updates I would like. I think what I need is a good editor.

So, I have kind of hit a loop/block. Part of what I am having trouble with is what should be included, what should be added and what should be subtracted. Short list off the top of my head:

1. V1 or V2?
2. Planet generation system? If so, what kind?
3. Ship gen system? Change the ship combat system?
4. I will be clarifying FTL, the effects of travel. the specifics of travelling.
5. Better/clearer rules on healing.
6. ???
7. Profit!!!!

Of course, any suggestions are very welcome. In fact, much like Clash over at Flying Mice I would ask for suggestions, modifications, revisions and requests for Nebuleon SE.

February 22, 2010

Satire vs Comedy

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This is a point that has weighed on my mind quite a bit lately. As I write All Squirrels Must Be Eaten, I am constantly evaluating the difference between comedy and satire. They can often be dangerously similar in their appearance. I say dangerously since it can often lead down a path that is neither funny nor particularly a good parody. For instance, today I took Theo to see the Max and Ruby play. It was excellent. It had elements of the familiar mixed with original songs. The plot (if we call it that) was lifted, more or less, from the cartoons and books. No biggy since it worked the same way as satire does. That is, a good satire must have elements of the original but also original elements. To copy a work whole cloth but with funny names will not work and worse, it will make for dry and boring read no matter how hilarious the names are. Original content is key but there must be hooks that draw the reader to nod, reminisce and draw comparisons to the reference work.

I hope I am getting there with ASMBE. I think I am.

February 17, 2010

Squirrel Attack! the Dice Game now at the HinterStore

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HinterWelt is proud to announce its latest Squirrel Attack! product, Squirrel Attack! the Dice Game. It is available at the HinterStore for $5.99 ($11.99 for the Family Pack which include 16 dice instead of the usual 4).

Squirrel Attack! the Dice Game is an action packed game meant to be played between game sessions. Fast paced and easy to learn this game that features custom Chessex dice is also quick to pick up or teach to a friend. Customize your hand to reinforce your best strategies or just pick the dice up and play.

This game includes:

  • 4 (16 in the Family Pack) custom Squirrel Dice, all that is required for 2 players but 4 per player are recommended

  • Complete rules set with examples

  • 9 solid wood nut counters

  • Rules for single head-to-head action or group competition

  • Rules for tournament play

  • Custom dice hands

  • convenient carrying bag

  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

Here is a look at what you get!

The Dice!

February 11, 2010

Aspects revisited

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So, with some more input and some play test, the idea of Aspects growing out of critical successes seems to be a keeper. This is a method to build magic in items dynamically. However, an idea was put forth that instead of all chance, make it point driven. So, we played with the idea that you get 1 Aspect point for your item with a crit success. The Aspect Points many be spent but the total is tracked. Aspect points may be spent for modifying rolls or to save the character’s life or to buy Permanent Aspects. As discussed before with Aspects, Permanent Aspects would be those like Vorpal or Teleport the user or some other special ability. However, if the Aspect points are spent then a power is lost.

Now, I can see pluses and minuses to this. On the plus side, more control and a dynamic growth and shrink making weapons almost extensions of characters. On the downside, you are now driven by a list of Aspects an the whole problem of min maxers comes in. I am not too worried about that but weapon bloat could be an issue where weapons become too powerful.


February 9, 2010


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So, here are the pictures. I wanted to change the page numbers which were a bit large and change the text on the back (I am not very good at ad copy).

TOG 1.5 is available in hard cover at LULU for $29.99 for the HC and the the softcover will be coming soon at $19.99.


Click for larger pictures.
TOG Cover

TOG Cover

TOG Cover

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