October 31, 2009

Chevalier: Profession Magic

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Within the setting and source material (the Legends of Charlemagne), it is not uncommon for a person to have a magic item. This can easily be accounted for in the system as it stands and in fact it has the capability to generate magic items (that I will expand on as I work on the system).

However, I have been contemplating an idea that is not so canon but I think would be very fun. Essentially, magic ability by profession. This would be an option since the Church is so opposed to it but Charles seemed pretty indifferent, possibly in favor of, magic. He has a pagan sorcerer as one of his peers after all. So, the idea would be to give folks the option, for the cost of 2 development points, to be able to cast very certain magic. I could even make the argument that it would not be conscious but that is not necessary.

Thief : Stealth or …
Healer : Healing touch or …
Knight : Martial Mastery or Invulnerability
Minstrel : Mesmerize or Mend or Heal or …
Sorcerer : Illusion and/or Transform and/or Persuasion and/or …
Magician: Control and/or Scrye and/or Heal and/or Summon Demon
Priest : Adjuration and/or Imposition of Hands and/or Sanctuary

As the character gains experience they may learn magic from any profession but it would require that they find someone to teach them which should be stressed as difficult. The Sorcerer and Magician are the only professions that can possess more than one magic at chargen.


October 29, 2009

Chevalier : Erond the Dane

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I will be running a game of Chevalier : The Legends of Charlemagne, this Gameday at Games plus. In it there will be a number of pregenned characters. The first off the block is Erond the Dane. A powerful northman, he has gained the love and trust of King Charles court. Now, he must set out to vanquish an evil that has reared its ugly head in the Empire.

Erond the Dane

October 26, 2009

All Squirrels Must Be Eaten : The Cast

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So, as I work through ASMBE, I have come up with the following characters:
Jimbo – A messenger squirrel who worked at the labs developing the Rage Nuts. He was delivering a message when he ran into a messenger tube that was being sent to Security warning of the attack of the Animal Rights For Animals (ARFA). He lay in a coma for 28 days while Saline, another squirrel, took care of him.

Saline – A lab test squirrel. To be precise, the control squirrel. She has been regularly injected with saline solution and is convinced that she has super powers because of it. However, she turns out to be the only one who is sane…well, mostly.

Hannah Hugsalot – A genetically modified Koala Bear that has the ability to squeeze anything in half if she can get her stubby arms around it. She has a sunny personality that often gets her in trouble with zombies.

Mr. Giggles – A hyper intelligent Chimp that was planning his break out when disaster struck…a zombipocalypse. It does nto matter how smart you are, you could never see that one coming. He knows most of the access codes tot he lab and if not can probably figure it out. He communicates through sign language and prefers to wear a white lab coat. He is working on his PhD.

Pick-A- Chew – The product of a geneticist who played too many card and video games as a child, Pick is a violent mal-adjusted mutant hamster with a chip on his shoulder who always wants to “battle” anyone. Oddly enough, he wants to follow some sort of formal dueling format that only he seems to understand. He has the ability to channel electricity from existing sources and his mutations have left him with an odd yellow and red pattern in his fur that looks like a lightning bolt.

Major Tom – a squirrel of the Old Guard, he knows the nature of the 28 Nuts and what the 29th Nut (should it ever come into being) would mean for the world. He knows he must save whoever he can and destroy the 29th nut before it can be consumed or the fate of the world will be sealed.

So, those are the characters. I will write more a little later on. So, what do you think?

October 25, 2009

Chevalier : Map of the Empire

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This is a first draft of a map of the Empire of Charlemagne for the Chevalier RPG coming up. I like it a lot and it was fun to make.
Click on the map for a bigger version (1.5 M).
Map of the Empire of Charlemagne

October 21, 2009


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I found this tool, a free flash program that you can use to generate faces for your characters. I have used it to create some portraits for my Chevalier play test characters. So far, if somewhat limited, it works really well.



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