May 17, 2009

ASMBE New Cover Number3

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O.k. No word from the boss yet on this one but I think it has a chance.


ASMBE Cover Number 3

May 16, 2009

ASMBE: Zombie Generation

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I actually like the idea, in certain circumstances, for character generation. So, in the short of it:

1. Base Zombie template – this would be one static group of beginning scores reflecting the weakest zombie.

2. Pick a form – Pick from human, squirrel, chipmunk, racoon, penguin, dog and whatever others I think up. Each of these will have
2a) Modifiers for the stats so as to adjust them appropriately.
2b) A number of Development Points possibly called Z-Points.
3c) POSSIBLY: Have a single “Z-Power” that the zombie would get for free.

3. Spend Z-Points on buying zombie powers and traits. Traits might be stat boosts, extra arms or spikes and the like. Powers would be things like Projectile Vomit, Paralyze With Boogeys, or Skip Teleport.

I want it to be somewhat easy and straight forward with a lot of the variety coming from the form. So, squiirels might have a Spread the Plague power where Humans might have a Shamble Faster Than the Eye power. I am tempted to make form restriction like not allowing Strength trait boosts to squirrels and chipmunks but then I think that might be a good way to mix it up.


May 13, 2009

Squirrel Dice!

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The command has come down from on high…we are to make a squirrel dice game!

So, what we have to work with.

1 dice with 1 face representing each of our Squirrel Games. So, one face would have Squirrels In Space while on another set you might have Freedom Squirrels.

1-4 standard d6


First Idea
You have 5 dice. 1 has a single squirrel die face on it. You roll the dice trying to make as many matches as possible. The winner collects “snacks” from other players. Snacks can be chips, m&ms or nuts or whatever you want as long as they are discrete and everyone starts with the same number. The squirrel dice have special abilities as follows:

Squirrels In Space – You can seduce another squirrel die from another opponent but must give up your SiS die to the player you take the squirrel die from.

Freedom Squirrel – Share the Love! Everybody eats one snack from the person to their right.

Shaolin Squirrels – Your Squirrel-fu is strong! You may take one die from an opponent and add it to your hand for one turn.

Squirrel Attack! – You may trade snack piles with one other player.

HinterWelt Horse – Wild! May represent any standard die roll;i.e. 1-6.

Squirrels Ahoy! – Arrgh! Pirate away someone else’s die roll. You must swap all your dice with all the dice keeping their roll.

You get three rolls. This can include all your dice or any subset. The goal is to get as many of the same number as possible (so 5 6’s would be best). Highest set wins.

Second Idea
Goal: To have the highest poker hand. Essentially poker dice with squirrels.

You roll in secret.

You then discard any dice you do not wish to keep.

Squirrels are wild and have powers as defined above. They may be used either for their power or as a wild die.

You bet the number of snacks you think you desire too.

You any discarded dice again.

This continues until everyone “stands” on their dice.

The highest poker hand wins and takes the pot.

So, brainstorming here. See what we come up with.


User Base

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So, I have been looking at True20, Pathfinder and OpenD6 for possible conversions. When I do this sort of thing I usually look at:
1. The customer base
2. The possible freelancer base for the conversions

The last thing I look at and it is usually not a real concern is whether “the system is a fit” for the setting. As I have said before, I just do not see systems in this light. I prefer to look at it and say “does this system provide different elements not offered in other conversions”. So, with True20 it was all the elements that D20 offered. My D20 dual statted modules are likewise. With D6 I am not so sure. I think there is considerable overlap between D20/True20, Pathfinder, D6, and Iridium. I coudl be wrong as D6 does have a lot of pool type elements to play. In the end, I think I will need to dig a bit deeper.

In the end, part of it will be answered by the larger question of “viable market” in terms of the size of their community.

May 12, 2009

[Brainstorm] Squirrel Attack: Hunters

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The Illuminuti are humans that hunt the squirrels of Nuttopia. This Secret Society is trying to find proof of the existance of Nuttopia and better yet, get to it and take it over. You play an agent of the Illuminuti and hunt squirrels.

Think of it as a Vampire: Hunter kind of thing. I have had enough people who thought that and were excited about hunting squirrels as opposed to playing them…

I think it has potential.

May 11, 2009


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Well, I did this one:
First Draft of the ASMBE Cover

Then the boss came home and
Second Draft of the ASMBE Cover

I like her back text more than mine…

Oh, and word has come down that we work on
2. Squirrel Dice! the game.
3. Nebuleon True20/SE

May 6, 2009

What is Coming Up

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Well, now that the massive ACD order is out combined with a lucretive new retailer account’s first order, I can get back to work on the next writing projects. So, where am I in the dev process?

Infected/Zombipocalypse – I am thinking of a new title again, Infected : Zombipocalypse. It is serious enough and kind of sums up what the hell the game is about. I have also decided to pull back ont he setting a bit and focus on Chicago and surrounding areas. This give the ability for me to come up with some really good adventures and seting elements. A scenario set in Museum Park in downtown Chicago would be cool from no other stand point than what you could do with the Science and industry museum. Also, down the road, if the title is successful, we can add source books.

Nebuleon SE: I have Alan’s Ulvar race in FM (contemplating an upgrade) and working through the editing and layout. Looks good so far. In general, I am still kind of wondering about Nebuleon True20…Roma True20 did very well for us. Generally, I have to look at how ship construction goes and look over Iridium V2. Christian from Germany has sent me about 300 points that he wants addressed. So, this one is kind of stalled.

Things I am considering:
Roma Pathfinder
Shades d6, Neb d6, Roma d6
The sequel to Turris Lemurum. Possible tri-statted between Iridium, d20 and True20.
Future Skein

Man, I need to focus. 😉

May 4, 2009

A bit of pride

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I was binding a copy of Austrian Holiday: A Day in the Country with Super Soldiers and I got a pang in my chest. No, not a heart attack but a feeling of pride. Now, I grew up with a mother who would sooner cut off a finger than praise her children. She felt it would breed arrogance. Understanding how difficult it is for me to say this will hopefully allow you to appreciate the meaning. Being proud of my work comes hard to me. Still, with Austrian it is so beautiful and I realize just how well I wrote it. I realize it is a really fun adventure, you know, the kind that never lets you down when you need it.

Just felt I had to share.

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