About HinterWelt Enterprises

What is HinterWelt Enterprises?

Hinterwelt is a small press company dealing mostly with science fiction, fantasy and role playing games.  Hinterwelt was formed in 1998 to promote the fantasy role playing game Tales of Gaea.  Later such games as Nebuleon and the Alternate Earth were started allowing an in depth effort to bring a simple yet detailed system to the science fiction genre of role playing. We are committed to the fusion of the internet, the role-playing industry, and the systems to benefit both.  We hope you enjoy what we offer on our website and with our products.

Contact Information

HinterWelt Enterprises LLC

4140 Forest Ave

Downers Grove, IL 60515

PH: 815-557-7365


Company Overview

HinterWelt (pronounced HIN-ter-velt) can be translated a number of ways from German.  Our favorite translation is “Other World”, referring to our series of fantasy role playing games (RPG’s), where players use their imagination to leave this world for the “other”.  Other translations include “Under World” and “Outer World”, which reflect our alternate history and space opera settings.  All three meanings capture the spirit of HinterWelt Enterprises (HWE), where we encourage all visitors to join us in our journeys to other worlds; don’t get left behind!

The content of the sites on this portal are alternative writings, community contributed stories, role playing games and anything else that people express interest in and we can make happen.  Please look around and tells us what you like and what you don't like. Post any of your comments in our forum.