Iridium Lite Core System Reference

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The Iridium Lite System Core Reference is a Lite version of HinterWelt's RPG Engine. It powers the games Squirrel Attack! and Supers Inc. It has been used for five years of cross genre play in both in-print and pdf products. In essence, it is a skill based system using a flexible point-buy experience spending to present a simple yet realistic system. The Iridium Light System is designed to be modified and is provided fully as Open Content under the Open Game License.

This book is a free reference for use in play or in generating adventures for use in our settings. We hope you enjoy this book and contact Bill Corrie with any questions.

What's Inside

  • Character Generation, step by step instruction.
  • Karma, its use as a drama tool.
  • Skills, what makes them tick and rules on creating your own.
  • Equipment, examples of how they work and what fits in different settings.
  • Combat, initiative, hit locations, parrying, disarming, and optional rules.
  • Magic, focused on our Free Form system.
  • All in six pages.

This book has no setting included but has references to all of HinterWelt's current setting books including Squirrel Attack! or Supers Inc.

  • Model: HWE0001

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