Fists vs Armor

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Fists vs Armor

Postby skynet » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:33 am

Something came up last game. It's pretty basic, but this precise combination of weapon (bare hands) versus armor (flak jacket) never occurred before. The system tells me that if my fist does 8 damage to my opponent and hits armor, the armor takes the 8 damage, like any other weapon. But it's kind of awkward because, eventually, I could tell my opponent : "Great, I have rendered your flak jacket useless with my bare hands! Now YOU shall suffer the wrath of my fists!"

Have I missed something in the rules? If not, did this situation ever occurred to someone else and how did you manage it. Personally, I have a hard time telling players their armors are being hacked off by bare hands... That's one of the problems with the ablative armor system. I might get back to work on my damage absorbing variant...

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Re: Fists vs Armor

Postby HinterWelt » Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:57 am

It is something I struggled with in design. In the depths of my madness, I considered two options:
1. When you attack hand to hand, you deal 1/2 damage back to your arms depending on armor type. For instance, hard armors, plate or flack with plates or scale or chain, would have this issue. The idea being that you are attacking and ripping the armor or doing damage in other ways than say, chopping through it with an ax.

2. Damage is not dealt to the armor with fists and is just absorbs damage. This would mean, you have armor of 15 in an area, and you deal 16 points with you fist, you deal 1 point to the fleshy parts. Next roung you deal 14 your deal nothing to the fleshy parts. Someone shoots you for 20 points in the third round in the same area, and you take 15 off the armor, the attack then deal 5 to the fleshy area and the armor is destroyed in that area.

That said, I did not go with the above because the book keeping would be formidable. Generally, the rationalization for this was that the person would usually be trained, would be actively attacking the armor to get through. IF we wanted to get hyper realistic, we would need different attack damages by weapon types and different defensive points based on armor type (Piercing resistance, Bunt Resistance, Slashing Resistance, Grappling Resistance). Then we would need to have some sort of interpretation for attacks that fell outside all the above;i.e. what happens when someone grabs you by the flak jacket and rips it off your body or worse, partly off. It gets hideously complex very quickly so I decided to stick with a simpler system. I felt the GM should have the latitude to improvise results for the above.

You could certainly add any of the above in.

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