EnWorld GameDay Wrap up!

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EnWorld GameDay Wrap up!

Postby HinterWelt » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:15 am

We had a great EnWorld Gameday this past March 15. If you can get to one you really should. Fun and relaxing.

I want to thank Buzz for his superior organization skills, as usual, and Curt for having all of us.

I also want to thank the folks who showed up for the Squirrels Ahoy and the following game of Squirrel Attack! The Boardgame.

From Left to right: Donna, Daniel, Troy and Natalie (although I kept wanting to call her Natasha and she seemed o.k. with that).

My son, Theoden, and wife Linda joined us although Linda was kept busy making sure Theoden behaved. Thanks to all the players for being so understanding about having a 3 year old at the table. Both Linda and I appreciated that very much.

Finally, my players from last Gameday where I said I would write it up but somehow it got away from me. They are pictured here as they fight their way through horribly mutated and infected monsters at a base that has called for help a bit too late.

Thanks again to everyone and hope Fenril Knight enjoys his copy of Roma Imperious True20! Thanks to Mark for the Picture.

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