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Question Answer
What is the Character Generator?

The Character Generator is an online generator and storage system for a role playing game system called the Iridium System.  This character generator allows you to generate and store your characters for two of the settings, Tales of Gaea and Shades of Earth, in such a manner that they can be accessed from anywhere that there is an internet connection.

Keep an eye out since we are always adding more of our settings to the CHARGen.

How do I learn more about Tales of Gaea? You can access the Core Rules and other useful information from the Tales of Gaea website at .
How do I learn more about Shades of Earth? You can access the Core Rules and other useful information from the Shades of Earth website at .
How do I learn more about Nebuleon? You can access the Core Rules and other useful information from the Nebuleon SFRPG website at .
How do I learn more about Roma Imperious? You can access the Core Rules and other useful information from the Roma Imperious website at .
Are these books available in print? Yes, you can buy them at your local games shop or online from us at our store.
Are the rules available online? All our settings have the rules available as HTML, complete with a hyperlinked table of contents and index.
Where can I learn more about HinterWelt Enterprises? You can find an abundance of information about HinterWelt at the portal site.
Why do I need to register? Registering is nothing more than a means to connect you to your characters.  We use the information only as a means to inform you of critical changes and as a means to identify you to our site.  We do not track you page accesses to our site, other sites or sell your information to anybody.
Will I be able to print my character sheet? You will be able to either print the HTML version of your character sheet or generate a PDF for printing.  You cannot at this time download an editable version.
Current State of the Code?  Is this thing stable? The current state is in development. The system is written in JSP/Java for those who care.  It is stable but in the process of development so may change.  See the disclaimer.
Disclaimer? DISCLAIMER: HinterWelt Enterprises is providing this system free of charge and makes no assurances of data integrity or back up.  Although we take precautions it is necessary that any user of the Character Generator be aware that data may be lost beyond our ability to recover.