Hinterwelt Co-op Advertising



HinterWelt will include a 2" wide by 1" tall advertisement in their full page advertisement. This ad will be run in not less than two publications from Kenzer Co. to include Knights of the Dinner Table and one other publication. Purchased ad space will be Full Page sized per publication.  In addition, as the opportunity presents itself HinterWelt will include the ad in other periodicals. Under consideration at this time are PS238 and Nodwick.

All ad sizes are relative to the constraints of the periodical. This means that actual print size may be slightly smaller or larger depending on the restraints of a full page. All ads space will be scaled in the same rate.


Payment will be received for a quarter in advance. This will entitle the co-op member to 6 ads, three in two periodicals. If payment is not received 10 days prior to the submission deadline for the periodical then the ad space will be offered to someone else.

Cancellation must be sent, in writing, to HinterWelt Enterprises 20 days before the submission date of the first issue of the quarter. HinterWelt Enterprises reserves the right to refuse admission to the Co-op program for any reason. The ad space will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Multiple spaces may be purchased by members of the Co-op program.

If an ad does not appear in a scheduled publication for that month, the Co-op member is entitled to ½ of their Co-op fee to be paid by the end of the quarter. If neither of the ads are run then the member is entitled to the full participation fee for that month.

HinterWelt Enterprises reserves the right to substitute other publications if space is not available in the Kenzer Co. publications.  This may only be done if there is no space available.


Participation in the HinterWelt Enterprises Co-op advertising program is $90.00 U.S.D. per quarter. All fees must be paid at least 10 days before the publication's first submission date of the quarter.