Source Comics & Games

1601 West Larpenteur Ave (Map)
Falcon Heights, MN 55113 USA
651-644-0922 (FAX)

Store Hours: Mon to Sat 10 - 9, 
Sunday 12 - 6

Last Updated: 07/10/2005

If you live in the Twin Cities and game then you should know about The Source. It is one of the the destination spots for rpg gaming, gaming supplies, comics, anime, board games, historical games and as a place to play them all. Although The Source has the feeling of a an old school gamers den it is clean, the staff is always ready to help out and you can always find someone who can explain a game.  

The Source is stocked as only a ten year old store can be and that is extensively. They have all manner of CCG including some out of print or hard to get lines. They carry singles and display them in a glass flip rack to make it easy to browse. Their RPG stock is so extensive that many have to be put in drawers which can make browsing inconvenient but more than makes up in variety. This kind of variety is usually only found on the internet. Their board game selection is equally as impressive. They are displayed across several islands that make browsing for the perfect game a real pleasure. They carry hard to find titles as well as good old standbys. They also have one of the largest selections of historical miniatures and standard miniatures (Reaper, Games Workshop, and more) that I have seen in the area and for that matter elsewhere. I am sure that this selection would satisfy the avid gamer for decades. Their anime and comic selections are growing and a recent expansion has opened up a whole section of the store for these items. The Source is the kind of store that whenever you return you find something new.

The gaming area is large and has a number of tables free for the use. On the wall you will see a list of rules for appropriate behavior that falls well within how you should conduct yourself in public. Pop machines and snacks are available for those long game sessions and staff will stay late to allow after hours gamin on certain nights. Although they do not have a LAN they do have an extensive website including new products and a calendar of events.  The site can be frustrating to navigate at times but it is all there.

The Source is so busy that at times you may feel a bit cramped for space but do not despair, the visit is worth braving the crowds. If you have not already visited the Source you should as they will always be happy to see you and you will invariably find something fun to play.