Back in the Corps Again


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Back in the Corps Again: A Guide to the Merchant Armed Services is the first supplement to the Nebuleon SFRPG core rules. It is a guide to the enigmatic and xenophobic Andromedaens and their military organization. It includes, new templates, new equipment, PSI Powers, a complete adventure, setting characters, new skills and classes. This is more a rules expansion combined with a mini-setting.

Back in the Corps Again also has a detailed adventure included. A distress call cut off in mid transmission from the research vessel, Santius, dedicated to top secret genetics research is never good. The Santius is owned by GenTech, an Andromedaen corporation and therefore your squads concern. You are on the M.A.S. Rexor, a pinnace assigned to search and rescue for the sector. Things look worse once you find the Santius. The engines are offline, she is adrift and does not respond to your hails. Worse yet she seems to be sensor shielded. The only thing worse then going in blind is what happens if you do not go in at all...

What's Inside

  • Fully hyperlinked Table of Contents, bookmarks and crossreferenced
  • Details on the Andromedaen people, culture and society
  • Detailed account of the Merchant Armed Services including ranks, special forces and organization
  • Full deck plans for the M.A.S. Santius
  • Color interior
  • New Classes
  • New Templates
  • New Foes
  • New Equipment
  • New Psi Disciplines
  • Includes a full adventure to rescue the crew of the Santius
  • More than an adventure, more than a source book
  • Coupons inside good for discounts on our products!
  • Uses the HinterWelt's own? Iridium System
  • Fully supported character generation via CHARGen Character Generator and Vault
  • More Information: Back in the Corps Again Nebuleon SFRPG

So what are you waiting for Soldier! Get in there!

  • Model: HWE3100

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