The Pie Incident: Operation: Snatch Some Pie


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The Pie Incident has the return of the Squirrel A-Team led by Sir Grais deNwutt. The Princess Cashewe has had her Wedding Pie stolen and must have it returned. The Catsassins at the direction of the Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty have stolen the pie in an attempt to lift the curse. What curse you say! The curse of an angry squirrel who Grandma Kitty wronged horribly.?

The party will be joined by Metis the Squirrelcanthrope and Phill the Spiny. Metis, a tortured soul seeking the liberation of the trees and Gaia as only one who REALLY LOVES nature know what I mean.?

Phil is a good guy.?

He is a great porcupine.?

Phil is good like that.?

The Pie Incident has maps of Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty's lair, the Pie Factory. A quaint Victorian teahouse, it is now a den of horror. Somethin' just ain't right in that place and it is the mission of the squirrels to find that pie and steal it back.

So hurry in and Get Some Pie!

What's Inside

  • Four Color Maps
  • Metis the Squirrelcanthrope
  • Phil the Spiny
  • The Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty
  • The not so Dire but still quite Fiendish Felicia
  • Catasassins!
  • A complete adventure
  • New Magic Items like the Monocle of Rasputin and the Divining Fork
  • Fully bookmarked, cross-referenced and hyper-linked
  • Fun!Fun!Fun!

  • Model: HWE1501

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