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Nebuleon SFRPG is the science fiction setting for the HinterWelt Enterprises' Iridium system. The game is a combination of skill based flexibility and packages of skills in the form of classes. Nebuleon SFRPG is set in the its own unique setting with 10 races and five sub-races. Included in the book are forty pages of equipment and over sixty pages of setting material. The Nebuleos, the region of inhabited space, is a thriving economy of sovereign states that have come together to ensure peace and prosperity for all races. The downside is that not everyone is on board. The Gren lead the effort but the Dremin see no purpose in the Republic of Free Worlds if they do not declare war on the Haga, a theocracy of advanced geneticists beant on enslaving the heathens so that they may serve the true god. In the midst of the high minded politicians the Free Traders League pushes back on an economy dominated by the Megacorps led by the Andromedaen Council of Guilds. The FTL represent the independent businesses that thrive in the niches either servicing the Megacorps or the industries they ignore. The Nebuleos is not without its darker side and terrorist organizations plant the seeds of fear and rebellion. The Tirada, the organization of Artificial Intelligence bent on the emancipation of its fellow machines, fight against the biologicals wherever they can. Although thought defeated, many believe that they merely wait for the right time to strike. The race of the Balek have their own organization called the Fini Syndicate which serve to expand the Balek interests in the Nebuleos at the same time making a hefty profit. All these elements, and more, come together to make a setting that is ready to build living characters and campaigns.

Nebuleon Revised is the e-version of the Nebuleon SFRPG hard cover core rules. It has had its layout revisited, errata updated and new art added. Nebuleon Revised is a perfect addition to the printed book for updates and reference.

The CHARGen is our own server based character generator, update and storage system. No software to install. No fees to pay. No more forgetting your character sheet. You can access your character from work, home, your GM?s house, anywhere you have an internet connection. Never be without your Iridium System character again. We also supply free downloads (Character Sheets, articles, rules expansions) and a newsletter.

What's Inside

  • Fully hyper-linked indexes, cross references and Table of Contents

  • Fully book marked and searchable

  • Page Count: 222

  • Includes the bonus Ship Builder's Guide

  • All the rules you need in one book

  • Hardcover print version available from our print run

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New Review! 8 out of 10 on GameWyrd!

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