Rehendi Prison : The Grave


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Free Traders have always had a rough lot in the Nebuleos. This job is no different. It looked good on the data screen but it went wrong from the beginning. All you were supposed to do was a simple transfer to the high security prison orbiting Rehendi. Sure, it's called the Grave but only by the prisoners sentenced there. You and your team were only supposed to deliver a Balek in stasis. This is the last time you trust your drayage agent to get you a job.?

No sooner had you dropped out of Flux when you were fired on. You tried to run but the FTL drive was fried...really fried. So you fought. Turned out you had some tricks these raiders had not seen. It was a close fight but you made it out with your system drive in one piece, while their engines were in little pieces. They were drifting in-system with you. You would arrive at Rehendi ahead of them by about 12 hours. The station's guns would make quick work of them, or so you thought.

When your hails went unanswered your pilot was annoyed. When he found the docking beacon was off, he was concerned. But when the Warden's personal distress signal started bleating away you knew you were in trouble.

So now your team is faced with two choices. You could dock in hopes of finding supplies to repair your ship or land on the planet where automated mining camps are run by prisoners. The station is the safer bet...but not by much.

What's Inside

  • A complete science fiction adventure.
  • Maps of the station.
  • Maps of the world of Rehendi.
  • Room by room descriptions of the station.
  • New setting characters.
  • Introducing the new Trigannitaroes race with history, activities on the planet and their tribes.
  • Four maps of the Station included.
  • Character Ideas.
  • Group Ideas.


Adventure awaits you in the Nebuleos!

  • Model: HWE3010

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