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Shades of Earth is a world of where magic is the secret weapon and the grit of simple men and women make all the difference. Secret cabals and organization battle one another and the monsters they now know exist in a battle for who will control the world. It is not so clear who are the good or if someone is evil, only whether you trust them to fight by your side. In 1938, the world stands poised on the brink of war. Some rush towards it while others fight the rising tide. Which side do you want to be on?

Department 12, the newest of the secret organizations, has its roots in the League of Nations. It is a joint operation between the British and the United States. They hope to curb the rising forces of the Gestapo while learnign as much as they can as fast as they can. The Gestapo work to increase the power of the Reich, gather arcane objects and collecting vast pools of spiritual any means necessary. The Guard of Babur maintain their holy vigil against the Thuggees. The Thuggees, worshipers of Kali though destroyed in the 1800s, have bided their time, waiting for their numbers to grow. They are now poised to move. The Neter, an Egyptian cult, are pledged to guard the Gate of Ptah, a portal to other worlds. There numbers have waned but their power still protects the Gate. The Mafia and the Catholic Church battle themselves as much as any other force. The Church maintains two organizations, one dedicated to the irradiation of magic while another dedicated to its research. Through all of it, the most ancient of them all, the Clan of the Dragon watch as kingdoms rise and fall, petty rulers implement their plans. The fight the Japanese in China but maintain a much larger view of history and the future.

All of these groups pursue their own special agendas using agents and minions to do their will. Look into your heart and ask yourself, which side am I on?

?The Iridium System is a combination of skill based flexibility and packages of skills in the form of classes. Shades of Earth is set in the 1930s with a focus on 1938. The Iridium System has damage by areas allowing for mixing of armor types and tracking of damage and the consequences. Experience not only denotes level but also can be spent to purchase skills, spells and generally advance your character. Shades of Earth includes a point based magic system where everyone can cast magic, you just need to define how you learned it.?

What's Inside

  • Iridium System, a skill based system.
  • Magic Items, History and Organizations for the period.
  • The only book you need to play.
  • Color Interior but capable of being printed B&W.
  • Core Rules set in 1938 with the ability to be customized to any time period.
  • Portrait Two Column Format.
  • Revised content and layout from the Print version.
  • Fully book marked, hyper-linked Table of Contents, cross-references and index.

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