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How to Create a Race for the Iridium System by Bill Corrie

The following is for people who might wish to create their own races for any of our settings. The process is very simple and can be accomplished in about half an hour.

Curse of the Tomb of the Living Gamer By C. Demetrius Morgan

Halloween draws nigh upon us. In twilight of fiendish fright comes this dark eve of costume-clad revelry. It is that one ghoulish night out of the year when boils and ghouls can haunt the mauls all across the country. Yet, it has been said by some , that Halloween is a fast dying holiday. True enough, in horror filled times past, some unwholesome communities sadly allowed the holiday to fade due to neglect and adult inaction. But few are they who are so vile as to ban the holiday altogether, thu s the moldering corpse of this fun fright filled holiday yet remains.

Designers Speak: Chad Underkoffler  by C. Demetrius Morgan

Today we begin with the author of such fine role-playing games as Dead Inside, Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: The Roleplaying Game, and founder of Atomic Sock Monkey games: Chad Underkoffler. Mr. Underkoffler has written for, or been a contributing author to, numerous products ranging from GURPS Steam Tech and the (new) Gamma World Game Masterís Guide to a bimonthly column written for Pyramid Online.